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Rapid City, SD

    Pro Dakota House Painting

    Paint and color play a large role in our comfort, our style and the atmosphere we create and share from our homes and businesses. When looking for quality interior and exterior painting services in the Rapid City area, looking to the professionals at Pro Dakota House Painting will provide you with a range of options in order to bring the best possible results to your commercial and residential properties.

    About Us

    We began in the business by bringing residential house painters to the area and growing from that point. Over the many years since then, we have established ourselves as the commercial painters of choice, stain and sealant providers, drywall repair and of course, the quality exterior house painting service that the city relies on. No matter the surface within your home that you’re looking to have tended to, the reason behind your choice of change, you have the best in the business ready and waiting to provide you with results that will last across your Rapid City area property.


    It’s always been our ambition to be the best commercial and residential painting company in the city and we continually work to maintain our place as the industry leaders. Whether this is in terms of adding quality services for our clients to call upon or in continually staying ahead of trends in the paint industry. Whether you’re just building a new property and looking to lay the foundation of your eventual design scheme or are looking for a quality color renewal, making the choice to bring in Pro Dakota House Painting will provide you with the best interior and exterior house painters.

    This is a picture of an exterior painting.

    Exterior Painting

    Whether have a need for business or house painters, exterior surface attention will ensure that you have the means to put your best foot forward to anyone looking at your property. Whether you need to have company colors in place or are looking to make your home stand out in the neighborhood, turning to Pro Dakota House Painting will provide you with exterior house painting services and commercial attention that will bring quality to your property.

    This is a picture of an interior painting.

    Interior Painting

    When choosing our professional house painters, interior surfaces are like a canvas in which we paint your vision. From a quality office painter to providing you with the perfect nursery, making the call to Pro Dakota House Painting will bring you a full range of service possibilities that will establish the environment you’re looking to create within your property. When results matter, the experts you bring in to deliver should as well.

    "I'm blown away by how healthy and luscious my hedges and trees look now! Grapevine Tree Service has really helped me improve their health and appearance. Their services are very affordable but the quality is exceptional." - Melinda F.

    Commercial Painting

    From outside appearance to the interior look and feel of your business, paint plays a large role in ensuring that your property sends the right message about your company. When working with the experts at Pro Dakota House Painting, you can depend on a service that continually listens to your input and ensures that the results placed upon your property are exactly what you’re looking for. Allow our experts to assist you in making the right statement with your color.

    This is a picture of a commercial painting.

    Drywall Patching & Repairs

    The drywall on which your paint is applied is a key factor in bringing the aesthetic and practical space you need and when facing damages to this area of your home or business, that capability is diminished. Throughout our years of bringing quality interior painting services to the city, we have trained and perfected the art of quality drywall repair and refinishing to deliver an entire additional level of service to the area.

    This is a picture of a drywall patching and repairs.

    “I needed exterior house painters near me to take care of the outside of my home, the deck and the fence all at once. Pro Dakota House Painting was more than accommodating and when they got to work, they didn’t stop until the whole job was done.” – Mary G.

    This is a picture of a house staining.

    House Staining

    From wood paneling to shingling, doors, trim and more, we have the attentive services you need to allow the natural beauty of your wood to shine through while still providing the protection required. We turn our attention to your interior as well, giving you the means to treat any form of surface across your home with this effective and attractive means of highlighting the wood installations you have throughout your Rapid City area home.

    This is a picture of a deck and fence staining.

    Deck & Fence Staining

    Allowing the beauty of wood to shine through while bringing protection to exterior wood surfaces is the name of the game with our deck and fence staining. With the constant exposure to the Rapid City area weather, the wear and tear this can have on your various surfaces is apparent. When looking for the attention of quality house painters in Rapid City, SD brought to your exterior installations, you can depend on the skill and experience of Pro Dakota House Painting.

    “When I built my small business, I needed exterior painting contractors near me to provide the final touches to the outside look. Pro Dakota House Painting gave me a wide range of choice in terms of color and style and really listened to my input throughout.” – Charles A.

    Contact Us Today

    The ability to quickly get a hold of the experts you need when it comes to your painting requirements is important and at Pro Dakota House Painting, we get right to work on providing you with a quality customer service experience. There are no barriers to communication to navigate through, just a simple means of access to a professional ready and waiting to provide you with the service details you need and the means to quickly set upcoming appointments. When you need speed and efficiency in all aspects of service, you can count on Pro Dakota House Painting to provide.